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Modern House


Packing + Unpacking + Staging

Finally Home Services is an all-female packing and unpacking team who appreciates granny’s crystal and china

Moving supplies provided to homeowners at low cost, saving LOTS of money compared to purchasing through a mover

Providing last minute boxes for bedding, kitchen and bathroom items to make moving day efficient.  We even put together the boxes before we leave!

Unpacking all boxes and neatly placing items in closets and cabinets

We meticulous pack & label using a color coding system to get boxes to the correct room or storage location.

We can provide totes and bins at NO cost.  This saves time and money from handling boxes.
we unpack all boxes and organize closets and set up kitchen and bathrooms.

Supplies and boxes are removed from the home before we leave.

Donations drop offs can be arranged.
Man Carrying a Box
Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
Movers Carrying Packages
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