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Home Staging

Home staging services in North Palm Beach
Home staging services in North Palm Beach
Planning: Floor planning, sorting, packing. 

Part of planning for an organized move downsize and major move is the development of a customized floor plan. We often overestimate how much our new space can hold.

We will:

  • Measure your furniture.

  • Take photos of your current layout

  • Work with you on producing a layout of your new home with your safety in mind.

  • We love this part, as we work together to bring your personality into your new home.


Now that we know which pieces of furniture will be moving based on your floor plan, it’s time to turn our attention to the smaller items. This is the “sticky stuff” that can be overwhelming to sort through. We are hands-on throughout the process of sorting, eliminating unwanted items and providing suggestions for a suitable destination for items you wish to sell or donate.


In this process we will:

  • Sort and eliminate unwanted items large and small with your help.

  • Arrange for disposal of unwanted items through using sources to help auction, sale, or donate.

  • Carefully pack your belongings during the sort and elimination process as well as other onsite services.

Moving: Unpacking & Organizing

Our goal is to recreate your new home so that you can quickly settle in and start enjoying your new community.

There are no small details when it comes to a major move. We will ensure that each detail of your move is properly managed.

On your moving day, your furniture is properly placed, your bed is made, your belongings unpacked, your clothing is neatly hanging in your closet, your remote next to your favorite chair.  Before the move, we take a photo of how all your items were laid-out.  This way, we can recreate the same organization again if you desire!

Home staging services in North Palm Beach
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